Quite simply, we believe that the Bible is "Good News!" For, it reveals that God has done everything necessary to remove the obstacles that have separated us from His presence and provisions. All we need do, to receive such grace, is to believe in the completed redemptive work of Christ - with a sincere and thankful heart. It doesn't get any sweeter than that!

We Believe That:

  • God is a good God who cares about every area of our life.
  • Sin and Satan has brought suffering and evil into the world, not our heavenly Father.
  • The primary need of us all is to personally know how much God really loves us.
  • Our heavenly Father loves us so much that He sent His Holy Son Jesus (born of virgin Mary) to be our substitute, thus taking the penalty for our sins through His suffering and death upon the cross.
  • Through Christ’s substitutionary work, the great exchange of redemption took place. For example, He took our judgment, condemnation, curse, disease, and despair to give us grace, acceptance, blessings, health, and hope. 
  • The redemption purchased for us through the blood of God’s Son is so complete that it provides for the meeting of all our needs.
  • The redemptive benefits become ours once we acknowledge our need for forgiveness, thereby, asking Jesus to come into our heart and free us from the consequences of sin.
  • God’s grace is given freely to anyone with a humble heart who trusts in Christ’s finished work at Calvary.
  • We should show forth our gratitude for God's grace with a sincere desire to please Him in every way.
  • Christ arose from the grave that we who believe might also rise to be with Him eternally in heaven.
  • We can be refreshed daily in the presence of God through worship and meditation.
  • The Lord willingly responds to the heartfelt prayers of His children. 
  • God wants to baptize us with the Holy Spirit and give us gifts so that we can flow in the fullness of His power. 
  • As we intercede for others and resist Satan in the name of Jesus, we will see the devil flee and people set free.
  • We ought to be gracious and forgiving towards people (rather than judging and condemning), even as God has been so loving towards us.
  • All believers should be excited about who they are and what they have in Jesus and encouraging others with the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of Christ.