The Encouraged Church is all about spreading the "Good News"  of our complete redemption, by grace, through Christ.  Everything we proclaim is based upon solid Bible truth. We absolutely believe that God is a good God - ALL the time!

We are a non-denominational church. Our congregation believes that New Testament Christianity is not supposed to be about religion, but rather a genuine relationship with Jesus.  As such, we do not put pressure on people to conform to strict doctrines or even to agree with everything we preach.  We simply provide a loving atmosphere where people can grow in Christ.

Our contemporary worship is heart-felt and sincere. Our services are quite casual and  endeavor to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  The Encouraged Church provides ministry to whoever desires it and we have witnessed first hand the marvelous things the Lord has done in response to prayer. Indeed, we truly do believe in miracles! 

Pastor Glenn shares the Gospel message in a relaxed, cheerful, and compassionate manner.  He emphasizes: the love of our Heavenly Father, the redemptive grace of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit -- and the believer's status as a  fully forgiven and blessed child of God. 

Presently, we are a small church. But, do not discount us because of our size.  We may not yet be able to offer the many programs of a larger church. But, we have a big heart and a huge desire to see: souls saved, lives changed, and believers strengthened.


Pastor Glenn Ewart grew up in a small coal mining town in southwest Pennsylvania. There he had several wonderful personal encounters with Jesus. The Lord led him to Harford County in 1972. Since then, he has served both as a public school teacher and a pastor. Glenn's new book entitled "The Road of Life (Wisdom for the Journey)" will soon be released. The Lord has anointed Glenn with a true pastor's heart and has called him to preach encouraging messages that glorify Christ and edify people.

Rhonda, the daughter of ministers, spent her childhood in Western Maryland. She moved to Harford County in 1974 when her parents were transferred to a local  church. God has highly gifted Rhonda, especially in counseling and teaching the Word. She carries a joyful spirit of revival that uplifts us all!

Glenn and Rhonda were married in November 1978. They have been blessed with five children and an abundance of grandchildren. Together they serve as pastors of The Encouraged Church. 


Mike McGraw is our associate pastor. He has a tremendous evangelistic calling and a contagious excitement for the Gospel. Mike's testimony about his miraculous healing from life-threatening cancer is inspiring and thrilling! He encourages us every week to remember that "God is a GOOD God"! We are blessed to have Mike as a leader in our congregation.


God cares about you - and so do we. Come and join us as we reach out to uplift a discouraged world and rise together to truly be:


"The Encouraged Church"